SUMMARY: where are the lpr sources

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Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 15:16:55 CDT

heh, i apparently was looking at an ancient faq..
the moderator supplied me with:
You appear to have an ancient copy of the FAQ but anyway...
71) Where can I get the BSD print spooler for Solaris2.x?
        You can try LPLITE from Sun it is available from the following

        You can get the 4.3BSD-reno lpr system from the following site:
        Or another port from
        Version's of this distribution prior to 5.0.2 have a security
        hole. Please upgrade to this version ASAP.
        Or get LPRng from
        LPRng has vastly enhanced features, like paths for printcaps, NIS and
        Hesiod support, configurable permissons for printers, ability to
        move jobs between printers and compiles out of the box on HPUX,
        Solaris, and SunOS and many others. LPRng has elminated a large
        number of security holes in the LPD protocol. To subscribe
        to the LPRNG mailing list send mail to with
        subscribe lprng
        as the message body.
        Last Updated: June 8 , 1998.

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