SUMMARY: weird error message on new Ultra-5

Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 10:13:25 CDT

In message <> I wrote:

>Quick question: we've got our first PCI-based Sun, a brand new Ultra 5, just
>put Solaris 2.5.1 HW 11/97 and pretty recent recommended patches on it. A
>couple of times during the installation, and lots of times once we start X, we
>notice the following message appear in the console:
>NOTICE: m64: fifo error, bus_reg=7b23a040

Several people have told me incredibly quickly that I need Sun patch 103792-18
or later on 2.5.1, or 105362-18 or later on 2.6. A couple of people wondered
if 2.5.1 ran properly on the Ultra 5 - yes it does. I've grabbed the absolute
latest 103792-20 and installed that. I rebooted the machine and the message
goes away.

Brilliant list! Thanks a lot everyone.


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