[partial summary] mkisofs, cdrecord and gear

From: Bruce Bowler (bbowler@bigelow.org)
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 09:24:48 CDT

A week or so ago I asked...

>Currently I have a system that uses gear software to write CDR's. I really
>want to upgrade the system to 2.7 but gear doesn't have a version of their
>software that works with 2.7 and as near as I can tell, they don't know
>when they will. That doesn't cut it with me so I'm looking at
>mkisofs and cdrecord are the front runners at this point based on what I've
>seen in this forum. Before I get too far into it, I need to know if that
>combination can handle non-ISO9660 filenames the way gear does (_all_ my
>files are non-ISO9660 filenames) and if mkisofs can take a list of files to
>add to the filesystem (or does it only take an entire directory structure).
>In gear, I can tell it to not translate non ISO names so on my CD, if I
>look at it on Solaris or Win9x (my 2 target OS's), I see a file called
>S1998095133564.tar.z (on Win9x, the "dos filename" is S1998095.Z). Can
>mkisofs do that?
>in gear, there is a command language that I can use to manipulate the image
>so I can launch gear, add a file, get a directory listing of the disk
>image, remove files, move files around, create directory structure, etc.
>Is there anyway to do similar things with mkisofs (or some other free

Several people responded positively and I've been playing with mkisofs and
Joerg's fbk to see if I can get at least mkisofs to work and so far things
look pretty good, with one exception.

In gear, if a ufs file has a name like x.y.z, it'll end up on the cd with a
name like x.y.z, with mkisofs it ends up being called x.y with the .z being
dropped. I haven't found an option that fixes that problem (I'm using
1.12b4, which is what came in the cdrecord package). Any ideas?

The command line I'm using is

        mkisofs -l -J -T -o xxx x.y.z


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