SUMMARY: rdist "Is a directory" errors

From: David W. Blaine (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 07:51:23 CDT

Thanks to Gary Franczyk and others for pointing out that rdist does not work
like rcp. It requires file-to-file or directory-to-directory transfers. It will
not assume (like rcp) that if the source is a file and the destination is a
directory then copy the file into the specified directory. I also had a need to
rdist multiple files at times (but not necessarily a whole directory). Gary
stated, in a later email, that this could only be done one file at a time. I
settled on auto-generating a distfile from within a for loop in my script.

Gary's response and my original question follows....

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This is what you should have:

FILES = ( /jumpstart/ASD/Config/etc/rc3.d/S99_patches_install_reboot )
(${FILES}) -> (${HOSTS})
        special "/jumpstart/ ASD" ;
        notify ;

Now, lets assume you want it in a particular directory on the client
machine, but dont want to put S99_patches_isntall_reboot in the same
directory on the rdist server, then you can do it this way:

/path/to/original/S99_patches_install_reboot -> ${HOSTS}
        install /jumpstart/ASD/Config/etc/rc3.d/S99_patches_install_reboot;
        special "/jumpstart/ ASD" ;
        notify ;

That will put the file S99_patches_install_reboot into the jumpstart
directory on the client, but it can be whereever you want it to be on the

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Subject: rdist "Is a directory" errors

Hi Sun-managers:

After getting through the first rdist hurdle, I hit another. First, I was
to successfully update my files last week. This week I cannot. Rdist reports

"/jumpstart/ASD/Config/etc/rc3.d Is a directory". My distfile looks like

HOSTS = ( root@host )
FILES = ( S99patches_install_reboot )
(${FILES}) -> (${HOSTS})
install /jumpstart/ASD/Config/etc/rc3.d ;
special "/jumpstart/ ASD" ;
notify ;

Any ideas????

Dave B.

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