SUMMARY: Solaris to Irix NFS

Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 09:33:00 CDT

Is there an issue with using NFS version 3 from Sun Solaris workstations to IRIX

I have an application (Pro/ENGINEER) that is retrieving files from our SGI
Origin server via NFSv3.

Sometimes, when I am browsing files and directories within the application,
certain directories show up as empty. If I delete some of the files in the
directory, I can see the remaining files in the directory. I can see the files
fine if I do an "ls" from a shell.

but, when I switch to NFS version 2, everything works fine.

This one was a bit tricky/misleading... some people thought I might need patches
due to the odd way the system was acting. But it turned out to be simple:

I needed to export the filesystem in IRIX with the -32bitclients option.
Apparently it is a known incompatibility and they made a export option to deal
with it.

Here is the excerpt from the Irix exports(4) man page:

               Causes the server to mask off the high order 32 bits of
               directory cookies in NFS version 3 directory operations. This
               option may be required when clients run 32-bit operating
               systems that assume the entire cookie is contained in 32 bits
               and reject responses containing version 3 cookies with high
               bits on. IRIX 5.3 and Solaris 2.5 are examples of 32-bit
               operating systems with this behavior, which produces error
               messages like "Cannot decode response" on directory operations.
               XFS filesystems on the server can generate cookies with high
               bits on. Exporting filesystems with the 32bitclients option
               causes these bits to be masked and prevents error messages.

Many thanks to the efforts of:
Earl Zmijewski
Bismark Espinoza
Earl Cooke
John J Medway
Francois Leclerc
Susan KJ Thielen

* gary franczyk
* systems administrator / dba
* 512.435.3286

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