SUMMARY: Formatting and Unsupported Drives

From: Leo Crombach (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 08:30:28 CDT


Platform - Ultra 5

Problem: I removed the factory IDE hard drive and installed an IBM 16.8Gb
model DTTA-351680 hard drive. I boot single-user off the Solaris 2.6 CDROM
and run the format utility to try to configure the drive. Only 7.8Gb are
being recognized. If I try to run "format" while in the format utility, I
get a message indicating that the drive cannot be formatted. Since I am
trying to use this drive as the boot drive, using a custom format.dat is
not an option. Is it possible to configure this drive so that the entire
capacity is recognized? If so, how? I have looked in the Answerbook, at
the man pages, and searched the archives and faqs for guidance. I believe
I have all of the necessary drive parameters.


I only received a handful of replies to this question, and I believe the
following one is correct.

>From Joe Garbarino:

>From what I can gather, Solaris only supports 8GB or less IDE drives.
>We called Sun's 800 number to ask, and they said this is true.

Thanks to the following people:

Joe Garbarino
Charlie Mengler
balvir singh

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