SUMMARY: openwindow problem.

From: Sandeep.V.Pandit (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 16:28:31 CDT

dear managers,

i have been able to fix my openwindows problem.
i edited /etc/logindevperm file to include the following statement:

/dev/console 0600 /dev/fb # frame buffers

( the /tmp/.X11-unix, .X11-pipe permissions are still screwed
up, but are not the culprits, apparently, but that's another issue.)

Casper Dik indicated the solution to me. thanks Casper.
thanks also to Mike Steeves, Gary Franczyk, and Erika Klein for their help.

Included below is the original question and the replies i received.


Dear Sun managers,

i am having the following problem with openwindows on my SUN, sparc,

Any ordinary user is unable to run openwindows, with the following error
message: (the root has no problems)

"/dev/fb : permission denied
graphics adapter device /dev/fb is of unknown type
fatal server error:
InitOutput: error loading module for /dev/fb
/usr/openwin/bin/xinit server error."

i have not made any changes to the system recently (and never had this
problem before), the permissions
for /dev/fb , /tmp seem to be ok (from the sun managers archive).
as i remember, the only operations carried out immediately before this
problem were running a remote X application and a full backup of the system.

i would appreciate any suggestions, and will summarize them,


/etc/logindevperm should take care of chowning the fb devices.
Check the login binary.

I ran into this error on Friday-- what had happened was I had some
problems with the original system I had, and swapped the hard drive to
another system. To fix it, I ran 'boot -r' from the OK boot prompt,
and it fixed the problem (as far as I'm aware).
Good luck,
Check the permissions on the hidden files in /tmp
In Solaris 7, there are two hidden directories in /tmp that are related to
 (I assume that it is the same as Solaris 2.5.1 in this respect)
These are them with the default permissions:
drwxrwxr-x 2 root root 176 Apr 16 17:55 .X11-pipe
drwxrwxr-x 2 root root 176 Apr 16 17:55 .X11-unix
In the .X11-pipe directory:
prw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Apr 16 17:55 X0
In the .X11-unix directory:
srwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 16 17:55 X0
You may want to check to see if they are there and if they have these
* gary franczyk
I'm not sure how you checked the permissions but just in case run:
ls -lL /dev/fb*
All permissions should be:
crw------- user group date device
Also make sure that the owner of the fb device is the user trying to start
up openwindows. If they do not own the device then this error message
will also appear. So make sure they are not logging in as one user and then
su-ing over to another. The new user will not own the framebuffer device.
I hope this helps.
This will make a 'named pipe' with the name of "X0":
mknod X0 p
Can you reboot the machine?
I would delete both directories and then reboot the machine... Hopefully
that would re-create the sockets and pipes.
Im not sure though... you may need to look around to see if this would work.
* gary franczyk

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