SUMMARY : Slow FTP and Telnet sessions

From: Susan KJ Thielen (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 14:06:14 CDT

Thanks for the great tips!

My Solution was to get patchdiag

and go through and install all necessary patches. I had checked
all routing setups and couldn't come up with anything else.
Fortunately.. this approach did work, and the system is running
properly. Thanks to all who replied.

Original Post.

We've been experiencing some intermittent problems with
ftp and telnet connections to a Sun Ultra 1 model 170 running
with Solaris 2.6. Most of the time the ftp and/or telnet sessions
connect quick normally.. and sometimes they can take up to five
minutes or more...

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there some patches
I could be pointed to, or should I just get the latest greatest
of all of them now?

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