SUMMARY: Making CDE larger

From: Angela L. Eaton (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 12:39:30 CDT

I'd like to start by thanking:

                Peter Laws
                Petri Kallberg Arthur
                Darren Dunham
                David S. Foster
                Erika Klein
                Matt Spong
                Misha Pavlov
                John Bradley

All of the replies were great! I was successful in making the mouse
larger for the CDE background only. When I move the mouse over any window
or the control panel it goes right back to normal. I was hoping to change
this and the font used in the control panel specific to this users
account, not system wide. Others encouraged me to decrease the
resolution. I tried inserting various lines in the .login file for the
user, but it had no effect. I really am trying to keep these changes
specific to her account so that others can use this machine. I am
probably going to try changing the resolution for the entire machine

Thanks for all the help!

Angela Eaton

Changing the mouse

In the .login file put this line:

xsetroot -cursor

If the and are not in your top level directory,
then you must specify the path.

Change the screen resolution

In the .login file put this:

# Change the resolution of the screen from the default
    # value of 1280x1024x76

    /usr/sbin/ffbconfig -res 1152x900x76 now

    echo ""
    echo -n "Starting OpenWindows in 5 seconds (type Control-C to
    sleep 5
    echo ""

    # Reset the resolution to the default

    /usr/sbin/ffbconfig -res 1280x1024x76 now

OR, try this:

Type the following first, it will give you a list of the current
settings and the list of options:

m64config -prconf

If the command worked you have a m64 grapics card and can change
the resolution by doing the following:

1. Do a command line login as root.
2. execute the above command to see your options.
3. Type: m64config -res 1024x768x75 now
4. Exit.
5. Login to CDE.

Original Message


  I'm a student lab assistant who has been given the task of making
everything in CDE larger for another student who is sight impaired. I've
been successful at making the fonts, menu bars, and netscape icons large
but am left with two things: the mouse pointer and the control panel. If
anyone knows how to enlarge either of these please let me know, I would
greatly appreciate it.

We are running Solaris 2.6 and a recent version of CDE. I've looked on
DejaNews and various other places and all pointed either to a program
called MC or to adding a line in the .Xdefaults. In MC there is no
reference to the pointer and I was unable to find what line would need to
be added to the .Xdefaults in order to produce either change.

Angela Eaton

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