SUMMARY: Re: Problems with ps overflowing on Solaris 7

From: Tabor J. Wells (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 12:27:09 CDT

Well I believe I have figured this out. The person who wrote the script
here used /usr/ucb/ps which doesn't appear to be 64-bit capable. The
solution is, of course, use /usr/bin/ps and whack the person who wrote the
script on the head. :)


On Mon, Apr 19, 1999 at 11:16:00AM -0400,
Tabor J. Wells <> is thought to have said:

> We have an intermittant problem on one of our E250 servers running Solaris
> 7. One of our check scripts runs a ps every 10 minutes to check for the
> existance of some processes. Once every few days to a week we get this:
> ps: read() on /proc/29092/as: Value too large for defined data type
> as the response. A hunt of sunsolve (I hate the new interface, BTW)
> doesn't show any hits relating to Solaris 7 but there were some other hits
> that implies that it's related to some kind of buffer overflow somewhere.
> Has anyone seen this before? Will summarize.
> TIA,
> Tabor
> Shore.Net

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