SUMMARY : Urgent : Configuration file for DISKSUITE 4.1

Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 05:11:19 CDT

I would like to thank to all who responded, too many to list down.

The file is just an input file used along with the command
line to creat metadevice. The real one that has the configuration
is the file which will be updated whenever configuration
is changed, and I found that the content of file match the
one displayed by metatool's GUI.
Or I could confirm the present configuration by running
"metastat -p".
I guess the configuration was done by previous person using
GUI utility which doesn't requires file.

Again, thank you very much to all.


----------------- My original question ------------------------------
Dear Managers,

My Ultra 10 is using Online Disk Suite 4.1 and was configured
by previous person. The graphical metatool shows that I have
some partitions mirrored but I felt strange because the
/etc/opt/ file was not configured, I don't see any line that
is not commented. Should I say that the configuration was not
done properly or the configuration information is stored somewhere
else ?
I'm new to ODS, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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