SUMMARY: SS20 "on-board" framebuffer

From: Jed Dobson (
Date: Sat Apr 17 1999 - 14:39:21 CDT

Thanks to the following people for information:

Niall O Broin <>
Todd Herr <>
"Michael J. Connolly" <>
Peter Laws <>
Barry Gamblin <>
"Salehi, Michael E" <>
Seth Rothenberg <>
Jochen Bern <>
"Peter L. Wargo" <>
scott r kulp <>
Tom Crummey <>
Anthony Worrall <>
gary merinstein <>

My original question:

> I have several SS20's I got in trade, they used to have another
> framebuffer in them. What I am trying to figure out is can I use the
> framebuffer that is on the board? Is there some sort of switch on the
> Sparc Station 20 that turns off the internal framebuffer?

The response was I needed a VSIMM (4 or 8 meg) for the framebuffer
to work or locate more SBUS framebuffers. This is a SX framebuffer.

I will wind up most likely using some old framebuffers from the
stockroom. It amazes me how the SS20's still kick some serious ass.
I've seen time and time again a box such as the SS10 or 20 with a
user base of 500 or more users with multiple fully loaded scsi
adapters working fine. Sun makes such quality products. I'm 100%
 behind Sun Microsystems for their
products which consistently perform better then expected for many
years after other Unix vendors machines have been trashed.

I was also told this information was located in the framebuffer
FAQ which I admit I hadn't consulted. Sorry :)


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