SUMMARY: Which 2.6 Release

From: Michael Cook (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 16:41:54 CDT

Hello all,
    Thanks for the help with this! The 2.6 upgrades went very well. The
replies suggested that once patched, all releases would be the same in
functionality, but that for the UE450, I should use a 3/98 release or later.
So I used the 3/98 release and applied the latest recommended patches and
all went well.
    Original question below.
        Thanks a million!!!


Hello all,
    I have to upgrade several Solaris boxes (several SPARCstation 5, Ultra
Enterprise 2 & Ultra Enterprise 450s) from 2.5.1 with recommended & y2k
patches to Solaris 2.6. Which release of 2.6 should I use (I have 3/98 &
5/98 and I hear there's a 10/98), or does it not matter once I apply the
recommended patches? Are there any gotchas (I'm running an Oracle database
ver 7.3.3 on one of these). Are there y2k patches for 2.6 also (it is my
understanding that 2.6 is compliant out of the box).
        Thanks a million, and I will summarize,
            Michael Cook


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