Summary: compiling SSH1.2.26 and more

Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 14:50:16 CDT

I love this list. Even I only got three reponses,
one from Mike Kail (THANKS A LOT, Mike!)
has fixed my problem:

Subject: Re: Question: Problem on compiling SSH1.2.26

do the following before the './configure' part

        $ make distclean

then do the './configure; make' part and see if that doesn't help.

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Eric Pancer(Thank you! Eric) also made a good point:

Subject: Re: Question: Problem on compiling SSH1.2.26

Oh yea, also. You do NOT want a precompiled package; that goes against the
whole reason of having ssh.

I think that I had to export PATH=/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/ucb/bin:$PATH
possibly to get it to work. Been a few months. Just try going into the gmp
directory and building that first.

Try and get the GNU make also. That may help a bit.



Following is the info for who'd like to setup Secure Shell:

1. To learn what is SSH:

2. To get free server and client software for Unix/Win

3. To get free client software for Win95/NT:

4. To get free client software for Mac:

5. To buy commercial SSH products for all platforms:

6. If you want the free server and win95 client, keep on V.1.2.26.
   If you use Unix clients only, you can go to V.2.0.X.
   SSH V.2.0.X is easy to compile and install.
   I've did it on a couple of machines.

7. To compile SSH V.1.2.26 on Solaris2.6, you need:
   gcc2.81 and perl5.002. gcc2721 and perl5.001 won't work.

Good luck.

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