SUMMARY: SSA + Volume Manager problem

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 10:44:56 CDT

Thanks to the following folks for their replies:

"Leonard, Roger" <>
"Robert L. Harris" <>
Seth Rothenberg <>

An especially big thank you to Roger to went back and forth with me on this
until he figured things out and told me exactly what needed to be done.

My original message can be found at the end of this summary.

The problem was my vx db for some reason found itself in a weird state. Hence
was not recognizing my SSA disks even though I was able to manually format and
partition the disks. vx kept complaining about the disks being bad and/or

Through a combination of "vxdisk rm" and removing disks via vxdiskadm, I was
finally able to remove all the "bad" disks. I needed to remove all references
to these bad disks before attempting to re-initialize the db. Use "vxdisk list"
to make sure the disks are no longer listed.

To reinit the vx db, I ran the command "vxdctl init" then "vxdctl enable". I
was the able to see the disks again via "vxdisk list" but with an error because
each disk hasn't yet been initialized. So I ran "vxdiskadd c2" (my SSA is on
controller 2) to initialize all my SSA disks and voila. It worked.

Thanks again Roger!



Dear Sun managers,

I've just upgraded (reinstall actually, not upgrade) a SPARCserver 1000 to
Solaris 2.6 and loaded Volume Manager 2.6. We have a SSA attached to the old
box. vxinstall sees the controller and all the disks ok. But when it rebooted
after the vxinstall, I'm now getting...

vxvm: vxconfigd: WARNING: Disk {each of the SSA disks} in group rootdg: Disk
device not found

The rest of the install went ok. It setup the internal disks inside the server
ok and encapsulated the boot disk just fine as well. But it doesn't like the

Now prior to doing this, I did my prep by searching the Sunsolve pages and
installed the latest patches: 105223-05, 105356-08 and 105375-10 and even pushed
the latest firmware 2.4 on the controller as well. So we should be uptodate.
But looks like I'm still missing some device drivers. Even though these disks
show up in vxva, I can't do anything with them. So there is a problem.

I did my usual search through Sunsolve and the Sun Manager archives but can't
find anything related to this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks.


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