SUMMARY: Problems with NIS

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 03:53:17 CDT

thanks for your response. It seems that NIS probably have a bug inside. I
installed the last patch cluster and now it works fine again.

Here my original question:
we have a sun ultra 1 with solaris 2.6 running. On that machine i have
initialized nis (yp). Now i get regulary following messages on console:
Apr 13 09:51:21 weisskugel ypbind[978]: NIS server not responding for domain
"; still trying
Apr 13 09:51:24 weisskugel ypbind[980]: NIS server for domain "th" OK
Apr 13 09:53:01 weisskugel ypbind[1004]: NIS server not responding for domain
h"; still trying
Apr 13 09:53:04 weisskugel ypbind[1008]: NIS server for domain "th" OK
Telneting, or remote login needs a lot of time. What's wrong here?
In the logfiles i see nothing and after reboot everything works fine for some
minutes and than it runs in the same problem.

Thanks again

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