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From: The Hermit Hacker (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 14:16:42 CDT

Thanks to all those that answered and understood what I was asking...and
thanks even to those that didn't understand what I was asking but tried to
respond anyway :)

The summary is quite simple...can't be done without more headaches then
its worth. We finally bit he bullet and installed the SparcWorks stuff and
licenced it...

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From: "Arthur J. Byrnes" <>
Subject: Re: MicroFocus Cobol and Solaris ...

At 03:41 PM 4/8/99 -0300, you wrote:
>Has anyone has any success using the above with gcc? I've tried talkign
>to the MicroFocus group, and their response is pretty much "what is gcc?",
>which doesn't bode well for getting anywhere with them :(

I just went through this process while trying to install SCT/Banner.
Microfocus told us that their product is not certified to work with Solaris 7.

The gcc errors I was getting from microfocus had to do with the fact that
the Solaris c compilier paths were hard coded into the SCT/Banner

We had to get the Solaris C and install Solaris 2.6, and it all (seems to)
works now.

Good Luck

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From: Michael Zucchi <>


A friend of mine forwarded this to me.

Although we are using SunPRO cc with it, i have linked gcc-compiled c
programs with it successfully (which is probably not what you need, but
at least it verifies its not doing anything funny with the objects like
the C++ compiler does).

About all I can suggest is looking at what it tries to run (truss -t
execv -aef), and also looking at $COBDIR/coblib/liblist at the very
least. This contains things like pointers to 'crt.o' and so forth that
are part of the c compiler dist (we had to manually fix this up because
we had a different version of the compiler). If you fix that up, and
maybe do a wrapper for cc->gcc arguments - it might just work.

It is a bit dissapointing they dont at least recognise gcc though (even
if they wont support it).


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