SUMMARY: y2k roll-ahead test

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 11:45:27 CDT

I wrote:

> We have completed our Y2K roll-ahead testing on our test machine and I am
going to roll the clock back. My initial plan was to newfs and wipe
everything out and restore from tapes. I have been questioned as to why not
just roll the clock and maybe restore the tapes without newfsing. My
thought is that we don't want files laying around from the future because of
the unknown effect on the OS and general SA functions. Anybody have any
better reason?

The majority of responses were in agreement with me, but no specifics. It
is just too risky to leave those files around. Every little glitch will be
blamed on that. By newfsing and restoring from tape, I am starting from
known good baseline. thanks for all the replies. for those of you who
asked, my configuration was a sparc20 with 2.6, recommended patch kit from 9
Feb 99, Veritas 2.51, Networker 5.1, Informix 7.3uc5, and SAS TS050. No
problems at all with anything.

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