SUMMARY: File System Error?

From: Deepak Sinha (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 11:28:28 CDT

First of all my thanks to following people who replied:

John Nguyen <>
Matt Spong <>
Richard Smith <>
Siddall P <>

The reason for this particular error was file system corruption due to
1 cylinder overlap between two adjacent partitions.
I have repartitioned so there is no overlap and restored the
files from backup.

Thanks again,
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Here is my original posting:

Hi all,
I have been getting this error message on a Sparc-20 console after
installing Solaris-7. Though the system is up and running without any

NOTICE: /usr/local: bad dir ino 365292 at offset 0: mangled entry

Looks to me that it is complaining about inode number 365292 on /usr
filesystem where "local" is mounted.

Do you think that a fsck on /usr and /usr/local filesystem will solve the

What are your suggestion on this, I will summerise,


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