SUMMARY: Reverse Samba?

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Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 11:15:52 CDT

Thanks you for all your wonderful responses. The original question was

> I have a Solaris 2.6 box running SAMBA to share UNIX
> file systems to our NT boxes. Is there any type of software (shareware
> or retail) out there that shares NT drives (SMB/CIFS) to a Solaris box
> for mounting?

The best solution from almost all respondents was a program called
Sharity and Sharity light. It can be found at

.....a snippet from John Sullivan states:

Sharity does this. There is a freeware Sharity Lite that allows
mounting shares from a single SMB server, and a more full-featured
version that permits multiple servers as well as more advanced
features (file locking, etc.)

I was also told to look at Rumba, but in further investigating, I
found that Sharity Light is Rumba, and that Rumba is no longer supported.

I was also told that Samba comes with a "smbclient" command that I can
use to access a SMB-shared drive.

Ex: smbmount \\\\machinename\\filesystem\\share\\etc /mountpoint

Just to show everyone how great this list is, I am including all whom

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