SUMMARY : URGENT :failed install 2.5.1 on ultra 10

From: Abdul Halim Hj Amiruddin (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 03:55:37 CDT

dear all sun gurus,

sorry for this late reply.
The solution was to use the HW: 11/97 CD of Solaris 2.5.1.
which have support for ultra 10 and 5.

Special thanks to below and sorry for those I forgot
to mention their names.
Russ Poffenberger
Franczyk, Gary
Wesley W. Garland

Thank You very much.

-------original question---------------------
Hi Gurus,

I tried to install solaris 2.5.1 on an ultra 10 machine and
failed due to below error :

boot : cannot open kernel/unix

I tried to check if in case the cdrom itself or prom has
got problem with the internal cdrom by booting through
sol 2.6 cdrom media and I had no problem booting or installing
sol 2.6. Even if I tried with another 2.5.1 cdrom media( if
in case the earlier one got problem) , I still could not
boot or install. So, I guess this must be a common error
to everyone except myself.
Could anyone explain and give some solution for this.
I didn't found any similar case in the archive.

I really need to get the machine installed urgent.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
I'll summarize.

thank you,


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