SUMMARY: Solaris v2.7 patches

From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 02:37:19 CDT

Hi all,

I asked the following question on patches for Solaris v2.7:

> Following the advice of the FAQ, I went to
> to find patches
> for Solaris v2.7. We have a highly loaded production box that is
> panic'ing every few hours, and we're quite desparate for a fix.
> After reading the patch report I tried to find some of the patches
> listed that might fix my problem only to discover that most of the
> patches in the list are not available, either individually or as a
> cluster. Am I missing something?

Thanks to: (Thomas Anders)
Max Pabia <>
John D Groenveld <>

Sun only releases security and recommended patches publically, the rest
require a support contract (AKA you pay for bugfixes?).

Sun seem not to have got round to releasing any recommended patch
cluster for Solaris v2.7 yet, bugfixes are listed but most are not on
the recommended list, and as a result not available.

Patches can be obtained officially from with a username
and password, and unofficially from if you trust the source.



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