SUMMARY: DiskSuite 4.0

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 17:06:53 CDT

My problem was the order in which I was attempting to create things. A
reply from Eddie Anzalone (thanks alot Mr. Patience ;-] ) pretty much sums
it all up.

"- create the metadbs as you stated
- partition the disks like you stated

- create a stipe on partition 0, disks 0,1,2 = md5
- create a stipe on partition 0, disks 4,5,6 = md6

- create a mirror of md5 and md6 = md7
- create a raid on partition 6, disks 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 = md8

- create a trans with md8 as the master and md7 as the log.

- use /dev/md/dsk/d8 as your new device."

After following the above scheme everything came up roses (did I say
roses??? I meant iceplant.).

Also thanks to:
David Harrington (also for pointing out my "new math")
Arthut Byrnes
Robert Rose
Jon Wright
Marco Greene
Brooke King
Joe Thykattil
Anthony Worrall

Jeff Kennedy

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Greetings and hi-how-are-ya's,

I am trying to setup ODS 4.0 on a UE2. This machine has one 4gb internal
disk and an external raid box that I plan to use as one giant raid-5
(100+gb). I have never used ODS and have read the docs on (as
a matter of fact, I'm still pouring over them) but am having difficulty
understanding it. The OS is Solaris 2.6 with the Recommended Patch Cluster
and Patch 102580-18 for ODS 4.0. Here is my story so far..........

I have 7x18.2gb disks in a Compaq raid box. What I'm doing right now is
partitioning them as follows:

slice 0 --> 65mb for logging

slice 6 --> 16.86gb for raid5

slice 7 --> 5mb for metadb

I extrapolated this scheme from a post to a usenet group. Slice 0 is on
every disk even though I won't use it on 3 of the disks.
Here is what I want to accomplish with this setup:

Raid-5 across slice 6 on all disks for a total of 100+ gb's.
metadb on slice 7 on disks 0, 2, 4, and 6
master on slice 0 on disks 0 and 2 with mirrors on disks 1 and 3 ( 0-->1
and 2-->3 )
log on slice 0 on disks 4 and 6 with mirrors on disks 5 and 7

I have started over because I wasn't able to accomplish this. I started
out using metatool (probably my first error, but when you don't know what
the hell you're doing a gui is always nice. I mean, how do you think M$
got so big?) and created the raid first. Then I created the metadb files
and the master/log files. Everything seemed to go OK up to this point. It
took a while for the raid to format but that's expected at 100gb. My
problem was when I tried to mirror the master/log, no matter what I tried
(from metatool) I couldn't make it happen. Is there some restriction about
raid and mirror on the same devices even though they're seperate

I was wondering if this setup is possible or not, and if so, how do I
accomplish it? If not, what are my alternatives?

Help, pointers, and patience in abundance is appreciated.


Jeff Kennedy

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