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Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 05:34:22 CDT

Apologies for the delay in the Summary - been a bit busy and away for a week
:-) The original question is at the bottom.

I got a few replies, thanks very much. The site below is the one I was looking
for, or rather it points to NIMA which I used before.

On 29-Mar-99 at 14:59:57 wrote:

Other replies were:

Douglas Palmer <> :
> Some useful info is at

Litwin, Gary J <> :
> I have had excellent success using the Microsoft terraserver at
> You can type in a location, then see an image of it.
> once you have pinpointed the area you want, these is a button for
> image info that provides the LAT and LONG.

(Sorry, but I had no luck with the above site; it was *so* slow - John). :
> Try

Marco Greene <> :
> If memory serves me, I got it from one of the Sun URL's listed at

(Can't remember but I don't think I found anything here - John).

Jochen Bern <bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE> :
> Stupid question: Would you actually want to trust such a service,
> rather than looking up the U on a map, or having the tourist office
> look it up? I trust Plymouth to be *WAY* larger than a square angular
> minute, much less second.
A fair point; I didn't have a map handy though :-)

> I suggest, however, that you contact the University of Plymouth
> Amateur Radio Society (call sign G0UOP, homepage
> Every immobile amateur radio
> station is supposed to know its "QTH locator", which should be
> computed from original geographic coordinates at best, and can be
> converted to a 5'x2.5' range of geographic coordinates at worst.
> (According to their QSL card, the locator for G0UOP is IO70WJ,
> which translates to 405' to 4010' west, 50022'30" to 50025' north.
> See ,
> especially appendix 3 thereof. ;-)
Well thanks for the info. I didn't know of any such Radio Soc within the Uni.

Thanks to all who replied.

Original question:

Some time ago I had a URL for a site that could give you the longitude and
latitude for sites on the planet. This could then be used for things such as
the DNS LOC records and xtraceroute.

I can't find the URL anymore - does anyone know of such a site?


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