SUMMARY: Root Partition Full (recap)

From: Brett Sondrup (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 15:59:18 CDT


I've been charged with posting some of the du, find and ls command
variations used to discover spacehogs as I alluded to in my previous
summary. Here are some pulled from the many emails I received. I didn't
use all of them, so I can't vouch for their subsequent results,
nevertheless, here they are:

find / -xdev -size +(size_of_file_to_look_for) -exec ls -l {} \;
find / -mtime 1 -xdev -print
find / -size +5000000c -ls (most files in / are small and this will
find all over 5mb)
find . -name core -print (to find and delete core dumps)
find / -mount -size +500000c -print
find / -name core -exec ls -l {} \;
find / -size +4000 -exec ls -l {} \; (will find big files over 4000)

ls -ls|sort -nr|pg

du -d / | sort -k 1n,1

du -sk * (from the / directory)
du -sk * | sort -n
du -dka / | awk '{ if ($1 > 2000) print $0 }'

There were additional suggestions to check /var's log files for size,
however /var was not part of the root partition and I apologize for not
making this clear.
I ended up using du and comparing the results with a similarly configured
system not displaying the problem in root.

Again, thanks to all those who responded.

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