SUMMARY: Puzzling boot-up message

From: Eddy Hodgson (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 08:48:56 CDT

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    From: Eddy Hodgson <>
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    Date: 07 April 1999 13:32
    Subject: Puzzling boot-up message

    Hello Managers,

    I have a SS20 with a fibre channel connection to a SSA100.
    Every time the machine is booted up I receive the following message
immediately after the hostname is displayed.

        WARNING: add_spec: No major number for sf.

    Can anyone tell me what this refers to?


    Eddy Hodgson

    Thanks to all who replied.

    The error message appears to have been specific to 2.5.1 but was
apparently fixed in 2.6.
    The 'sf' driver is specific for a SENA (Sun Enterprise Network Array) or

    Courses of action available are:

    1. The error can be safely ignored (as long as no SENA is attached to
the system).
    2. Install Patch 104628-02 or higher.
    3. Comment out last line of /kernel/drv/ssd.conf that references sf.

    Cheers - Eddy.

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