SUMMARY: while using "format" system says sd3 <unknown capacity>

From: Andreas Gebhardt (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 07:00:34 CDT

Thanks to the following persons:

Bismark Espinoza
Jeff Woolsey
Russ Poffenberger
David B. Harrington

First, I want to mention the result: The drive is damaged.

One suggested to connect the drive to a Solaris 2.x system. I tried it but the
drive comes up and then it goes offline and never answers! Another suggestion
was to modify the entry in format.dat. It did not help.
Jeff Woolsey wrote that it was a "Big mistake" to quit the format program after
formatting. Now it seems to me the drive have lost its label (or much more).
I also had a look on the Seagate Web Site which have a sophisticated information
base. It told me to replace the drive.
A collegue tried to bring up the SCSI drive at an Archimedes machine - it faild.

To summarize: NEVER quit the format program without label the drive! (I wonder
why the program didn't warn me - anyway...)

Thanks again to the persons who tried to help!


Here's the original post:
>Hello Managers,
>I have an external Seagate ST15230 Drive on SunOS 4.1.4. The entry for
>the format.dat file came from the vendor I bought the external drive.
>I started the format program:
>format> defect
>defect> origin
>defect> commit (everything worked fine)
>format> format
>It took about an hour to format then it was run a check and it took also
>about an hour. Then I quitted the format program to continue with
>partitioning the next day. It seems that this was not good. When I
>start now the format program the drive is not listed and on the
>console window the message appears that sd3 has an unknown capacity
>and then the drive goes offline. The drive has approx. 4 GB capacity and
>I know that SunOS 4.1.4 can only work with max. 2 GB. The capacity of
>the drive don't change during formating, so why don't start the
>format program? Can anyone help me to use this drive? What do I have
>to do that I can start the partitioning of drive sd3?
> Andreas

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