SUMMARY: I have a problem with dinamyc-PPP on Solaris 7

From: Alisher Fatihov (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 02:45:48 CDT

Hi !

Thanks to:

William Teo
David Evans
Alan Orndorff
Casper Dik

I found how I can do PPP.
And I found my mistake:
If you wish, or need, to authenticate using PAP, the changes to this file
are simpler. Just add a line to /etc/uucp/Systems reading:
isp-ppp Any ACU 38400 <telephone number>
If you want to be able to connect to more than one ISP, you can add
additional lines to this file for the other ISPs.
Note: There must be a line feed (LF) character at the end of the line added
to this file. If using a graphical editor, such as the one supplied with
CDE, ensure that the cursor is positioned at the start of the line following
the inserted line before saving the file. If this LF character is omitted,
the aspppd log file will report:
Call Failed: SYSTEM NOT IN Systems FILE"

>Hi Managers !
>I try to install PPP but the modem does not want to call.
>I adjusted all files for PPP.
>I have Solaris 7 x86.
>You can check them:
>ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb thishost_ppp peerhost mtu 1500 private up
> inactivity_timeout 600 # Approx. 10 minutes
> interface ipdptp0 # Interface name
> debug_level 1 # Debug on (optional)
> negotiate_address on # Negotiate address
> peer_system_name peerhost # The name we log in with (also in
> # /etc/uucp/Systems
># Internet host table
> localhost
> me loghost
> magnswitch
> thishost_ppp
> peerhost
>passwd: files
>group: files
>hosts: files dns
>networks: files
>protocols: files
>rpc: files
>ethers: files
>netmasks: files
>bootparams: files
>publickey: files
># At present there isn't a 'files' backend for netgroup; the system will
># figure it out pretty quickly, and won't use netgroups at all.
>netgroup: files
>automount: files
>aliases: files
>services: files
>sendmailvars: files
>In the directory /etc/uucp
>File /etc/uucp/ Devices
>PPP cua/b - Any hayes
>/etc/uucp/ Systems
>peerhost Any PPP 19200 241510 login: user01 password: password
>In the /var/adm/log/ asppp.log
>16:09:02 Link manager (413) started 04/06/99
>16:09:02 parse_config_file: Successful configuration
>16:09:25 process_ipd_msg: ipdptp0 needs connection
>Call Failed: SYSTEM NOT IN Systems FILE
>16:09:40 process_ipd_msg: ipdptp0 needs connection
>Call Failed: SYSTEM NOT IN Systems FILE
>16:10:07 process_ipd_msg: ipdptp0 needs connection
>I have checked the cua/b
># tip modem
>USRobotics Courier V.Everything Settings...
> B0 C1 E1 F1 M1 Q0 V1 X7
> &A3 &B1 &C1 &D2 &G2 &H1 &I0 &K1 &L0 &M4 &N0
> &P1 &R2 &S0 &T5 &U0 &X0 &Y1 %N6
> S00=000 S01=000 S02=043 S03=013 S04=010 S05=008 S06=002 S07=060
> S08=002 S09=006 S10=014 S11=070 S12=050 S13=000 S14=001 S15=000
> S16=000 S17=000 S18=000 S19=000 S20=000 S21=010 S22=017 S23=019
> S24=150 S25=005 S26=001 S27=001 S28=008 S29=020 S30=000 S31=000
> S32=009 S33=000 S34=000 S35=000 S36=000 S37=000 S38=000 S39=010
> S40=000 S41=000 S42=126 S43=200 S44=015 S45=000 S46=000 S47=000
> S48=000 S49=000 S50=000 S51=000 S52=000 S53=000 S54=064 S55=000
> S56=000 S57=000 S58=004 S59=000 S60=000 S61=000 S62=000 S63=000
> S64=000 S65=000 S66=000 S67=000 S68=000 S69=000
>The dial start script :
>#!/bin/sh -e
>IF=`awk '/^ifconfig.*'$1'/ {print$2}' /etc/`
>ifconfig $IF up
>ping $1 > /dev/null 2>&1 & # first IP datagram dials the number
>Can everybody help to me ?
>By the way in the Solaris 2.5 all was OK with this configuration.
>Bests regards !

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