SUMMARY: Disabling "STOP-A"

Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 16:49:02 CDT


    Thank you to all who responded. The list is too long to mention them
all. There are several ways to disable "STOP-A"

1) Edit the /etc/default/kbd file and include the following line: (
This works for Solaris 2.6 --> )
     * Side note for you security buffs* : Titan has a syntax error - it
sets KEYBOARD_ABORT=disabled
     (The "d" at the end of disable causes the default setting of "enable"
to be used)

2) Use the "kbd -a disable" command ( This works for Solaris 2.6
--> )

3) Set the following variable in /etc/system ( This works for Solaris 2.4
--> )
     set abort_enable = 0

4) Turn the key to the "secure" position ( This works for the UE
servers which I believe requires Solaris 2.5 --> )
     The key position will override any software setting. In other words
if the key is in the "secure" position and
     the KEYBOARD_ABORT variable has been set to "enable" via one of the
methods described above,
     "STOP-A" will not work.

Thanks again to all who replied !!

John Hilger

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