Summary: Changing IP addresses

From: Burch Seymour RTPS (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 12:17:54 CDT

I asked about how to change the IP address of my Solaris 7 system since
the method mentioned in a few articles on the archive suggested
sys-unconfig and that seemed like overkill. Too many people responded
(and continue to respond) to list them all, but a giant Thank You to
you all.

Apparently this is much simpler than I thought. I'll include the
instructions given my Dan Anderson since he was very succinct.

> 1. change the ip in /etc/hosts
> 2. ifconfig interface ip (interface is le0, hme0, etc
> and ip is your new ip address)
> This will set you up. The second command makes (as I understand)
> an alias for the IP. The next time you reboot the system will look at
> /etc/hostname.interface and then read the /etc/hosts to determine the IP.
> Dan Anderson

-Burch Seymour-

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