SUMMARY: ftp timeouts

From: Tim Henrion (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 14:31:12 CDT

The problem with active ftp timeouts has not been resolved, but here are the
responses I got in case they work for someone else.

Thanks to: -Sundar -Dave -David -Jim

There was some confusion about the timeouts and several people suggested
looking at the -t option to ftpd. That option is for timeouts of inactive
sessions and was not applicable in this case.

One suggestion was to look at the ndd parameters for Web Server Performance.
I did an altavista search and found a couple sites that suggested parameters
for web servers. I adjusted the following parameters but did not see an

Another suggestion was to install the following patches: 106522-01,
105529-05, and 105742-03. All three were installed, but the timeouts still


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