SUMMARY: Two questions

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Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 12:55:00 CDT

First off, thanks to Peter Laws and Sean Quaint for confirming the OBP
revision format. It does indeed use whole numbers in a dot format rather
than decimal. So, 3.2.10 is newer than 3.2.7 (10 > 7).

And thanks to Dave Edick for pointing out that I need to be running xdm on
the SS20. I have read the man pages on xdm and xinit but I am still
uncertain how to make it work. I remembered later that the person who told
me what needed to be running also went ahead and set it up, so I've never
actually done it myself. If anyone is familiar with this and would be
willing to walk me through it I would be grateful.

Thanks again,

Jeff Kennedy

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Greetings All,

First question, I am looking at my OBP on an E3500 and recall reading
somewhere that revision 3.2.16 is later than 3.2.9. Something about it not
being decimals but whole number revision formats. Is this correct?

Second question, I am trying to connect to my SS20 using a PC and a
freeware utility called SuperX. It's basically a poor mans version of
Exceed. I am trying to connect from home to work. I know, speed is
important. Basically it's everything! Now, I remember having trouble with
this connection many moons (and an employer) ago and someone told me that
something needed to be loaded or running on the UNIX side. Now I can't
remember what it is and some of my notes got lost in the changing of the
guard. The client uses XDMP to connect, in my case it's a direct connect
to IP and not a broadcast. Anyone have ideas on what it is I'm missing?

I'm running Solaris 2.6, with patches, and a default inetd.conf.


Jeff Kennedy

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