SUMMARY: xhost from remote terminal

From: Enrique Vadillo (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 18:05:00 CDT


The question was (edited): can i telnet to a remote host and 'xhost +myhost'
and then display graphics from my host to on that remote host's monitor?
in all cases i get an error message.

*** The solution was:

If i want to display graphics from myhost onto some remotehost's monitor
i have to do the following:

* logged on myhost with console X session:

myhost% setenv DISPLAY remotehost:0.0

* telnet into remotehost and login as the user currently using X on console:

remotehost% setenv DISPLAY :0.0
remotehost% xhost +myhost

and you're done.

Special thanks to (Harvey Wamboldt) and (David Evans)

i got also responses from:

jsullivan@NetGenics.COM (Sullivan, John) (Carlos Carranza) (Andrew M TOWNSEND)


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