[SUMMARY] Where to buy internal 4GB disks?

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram (mparamas@iupui.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 15:09:12 CDT

I received overwhelming responses. Thanks to all those who took time to
respond (Sorry if I missed any);
Michael Kalus [micha@awwm.com]
Patrick L. Nolan [pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU]
Matt Reynolds [matt@aztek-eng.com]
Richard Bond Sr [rbond@cellworks.mbt.washington.edu]
Niall O Broin [nobroin@sced.esoc.esa.de]
Scott Pitsley [Pitsley.Scott@oscsystems.com]
Navi Sirisena [navi@swaps.ml.com]
Peter Polasek [pete@cobra.brass.com]
Miller Sutfin [msutfin@mho.net]
Franczyk, Gary [gfranczyk@carbomedics.com]
Carlos Carranza - Corporación Noboa [carlos_carranza@noboacorp.com.ec]
Bill Hebert [bhebert@nuc.berkeley.edu]

SUMMARY (listed in random order):

AVCOM. They have an office here in the Bay Area. Their number is


The Vendor is Gulfcoast Workstation Corporation, specifically William
Allison. They're number is 1-800-587-7882. They have a homepage on the
web where you can read alittle more about them at www.gcw.com.
<<GOT A VERY GOOD RECOMMENDATION FROM brianp@hypervillage.com>>

Try Comstor - 303-442-4747. They handle about any scsi drive
for any system.


Workstations Technology Inc. http://www.wkstech.com/
"I just purchase a refurbed 4gb drive from them for
$275 with Sparc 2 mounting bracket."

Brad LaCombe of Building Block Computers [ (651)-687-9435 ex16
blacombe@bbcusa.com ] and he's
always been most helpful.

Try Vertex International (800-649-0665); e-mail: sales@vertexintl.com;
www.vertexintl.com. good prices and fast service.

Andataco Inc for external storage (800-334-9191);
www.andatco.com. You can buy drives from them also.

boxhill. www.boxhill.com

Sterling Deeb of Marco International. (800)621-4668




Scott Pitsley [Pitsley.Scott@oscsystems.com] wrote;
i don't know there name, but call 888-669-6509, they have excellent prices.
please e-mail me if you find any other places with good deals...

>From anders@hmi.de
Disk drives can usually be from any reliable (even PC) distributor
with SCSI experience -- no Sun specific things here. Be sure to get
disks with high MTBF specs from well-known manufacturers (Seagate, IBM,

>From Franczyk, Gary [gfranczyk@carbomedics.com]
Sun disk drives are just Seagate Barracudas...
Buy a seagate.

Original Question:
Can any body provide me name/URL of reliable vendors (other than Sun) who
sell 4GB new/used Sun disk drives, please? Thank you.
Platform: Sparc-20, 4.1.3.

Sundar Paramasivan
SysAdmin/IU Radiology
Email: mparamas@iupui.edu

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