SUMMARY: Cron Error

From: Huzefa Mohamedali (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 09:20:54 CDT

Thanks to all that replied - everything's working fine now.

Original Question:
I have a user called dazel. There are entries in the crontab file for
this user and everything's been working ok until April 2. Suddenly no
scripts in the user's crontab file was being run. A look at the the
log shows the entries below (an extract). Could anyone shed light on
this would happen? I will summarize.

< root 17144 c Sun Apr 4 23:58:21 1999
> CMD: /usrapps/dazel/custom/tools/watchprocs/
> dazel 26584 c Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999
> CMD: /usrapps/dazel/custom/monitor/proc_mon.ksh
> dazel 26585 c Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999
> CMD: /usrapps/dazel/custom/tools/
> dazel 26586 c Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999
! bad user (dazel) Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999
! bad user (dazel) Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999
< dazel 26585! c bad user (Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999dazel rc=)1
< dazel 26584Mon Apr 5 00:00:00 1999 c

Thanks to

Peter Keating
Dennis Martens
Gerhard den Hollander
Bruce Zimmer
Leif Ericksen

One suggestion was to look at cron.allow and cron.deny files to see if
there's anything there.
Everything was working fine until April 2 but I still went ahead and
checked the cron.allow and cron.deny files just in case and it looked

The other suggestion (which resolved the problem) was to see if
password aging was turned on. Apparently if the password expires cron
jobs do not run. The password was changed and everything was back to

Again, thanks for all you help.

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