SUMMARY: Panic with "CPU Writeback Data Parity Error".

From: Kai O'Yang (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 15:43:42 CST

Thanks to Scott Kulp, Dennis Keller, Zion Huang and Jonathan Loh for replies.
Zion had the same problem last year which ended up replacing both the CPU
and motherboard. In our case the box has been running without problems
for the last 6 months (since we added another CPU (X1188A, 501-4791))

Solution: Apart from opening up the box and see if any of the fans has died,
pulled out all the memory, CPUs and re-seat them again. So far after 4 days
it is still stable.


Original Message:

> Hi,
> The machine is a Ultra 2-2200 with 576MB (8x64M+4*16M), running Solaris 2.6
> (105181-12). The panic string was:
> dflush_type+0x2e0: CPU%d Writeback Data Parity Error: AFSR 0x%08x
> 08x AFAR 0x%08x %08x
> What could be the cause of this panic? Is it memory error?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kai

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