SUMMARY: sendmail queuing

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 12:34:31 CST

I wrote:

        I am on 2.6 with sendmail 8.8.8. What is the variable to put in the that governs when the system is busy and queues or does not
accept connections? I remember from old versions that it was a hex value.
        Does anyone know what the hex value relates to? Is it the hex of
the uptime load figure?

Many people responded with the following info:
        O QueueLA=load Anything above load will be queued.
        O RefuseLA=load Anything above load will not be accepted.

load = value reported by uptime

The for 8.8.8 has these values commented out. Uncomment and
change them and them restart sendmail. The space after the O is mandatory.
Be careful on systems that generate or receive tons of mail. Increasing
these params could degrade system performance. thanks to all.

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