SUMMARY: cc won't work

From: v bender (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 21:59:02 CST

As some of you may recall I had a problem trying to compile
pppd-2.3.1 with make because cc was complaining about
"Language optional package not installed". As it turns out
Sun Microsystems, Inc. does not ship Solaris 2.6 with a C or C++
compiler, not even in a developer version of Solaris 2.6. Instead,
Solaris 2.6 ships with cc, which is a generic language pre-processor
and is really a script that whines about SUNW optional C compiler
package not being installed.

Many of you presented your opinion in favor of the GNU FSFgcc
compiler package as compared to Sun Workshop, so following on that
trail I downloaded and installed gcc-2.8.1 and libstdc++-2.8.1.

As it turns out FSFgcc package installed smoothly and I compiled
pppd-2.3.1 for Solaris without a slightest bit of a problem.

Many thanks to all of you who tried to help with your explanations,
knowledge and advice, in particular to:

Petri Kallberg
Jim Bacon
Peter Watkins
Andy De Petter
Matthew Stier
Mike Ghicas
Enrique Vadillo


Vedran Bender
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