SUMMARY: /dev/null broken?

Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 08:34:09 CST

My thanks to:

"Hill, Alan"
Casper Dik
Dan Anderson
Michael Sullivan
Dave Foster
Jim Earnest (at TIK!)
Jenny Partusch

Here is the original query:

#One of the other admins here came across a Solaris [2.]7 machine (SS20)
#that had a broken /dev/null. Whenever a file is written to it, the
#contents stayed there. He removed the file and recreated the symlink to
#/devices/pseudo/mm@0:null. Same results.
#Short of reloading Solaris, anyone have any fixes? It's as if someone has
#plugged the hole in the bit bucket ... :-)

It turns out that the scenario actually went like this:

User tries to *mv* file to /dev/null. Gets "mv: cannot unlink /dev/null:
Permission denied". The other admin tries it as root, and by golly it
worked! :-)


Should this happen to you, the actual device looks like this and can be
recreated with mknod

# ls -alL /dev/null
crw-rw-rw- 2 root sys 13, 2 Mar 30 10:00 /dev/null

This device spec can be retrieved by doing 'grep pseudo/mm@0:null

A reconfig reboot will recreate the /dev/null link (I'm still confused as
to whether a reconfig will also recreate the actual device).

See below for a method of simulating a reconfig reboot.


Peter Laws    N5UWY   |  Systems Management and Radar Technology Team   |    National Severe Storms Lab, Norman, Okla

---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 11:57:34 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Sullivan

Try the following to recreaate all your devices:

_INIT_RECONFIG="set"; export _INIT_RECONFIG /sbin/sh /etc/init.d/drvconfig /sbin/sh /etc/init.d/devlinks _INIT_RECONFIG=""; export _INIT_RECONFIG

This is exactly the same thing which happens when you do a boot -r or touch /reconfigure and reboot. This will probe, find and build your devices.


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