SUMMARY: forcing full duplex for le0? ndd doesn't work

From: Adam Singer (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 22:01:28 CST

Speedy reply as always, thanks to (in order of receipt):
Casper Dik
Petri Kallberg
Ronald Luftin
Kevin Korb
Anderson McCammont
Peter Polasek
Bill Armand
Sean McInerney
Ron Spillane
Michael Wang
Stefan Voss
Aleksandar Milivojevic

Original question is at the end of this message

Simple answer which it seemed everybody but me already knew: le does
not support full-duplex. I excerpted some replies below - I
especially appreciated Petri Kallberg's summary table of *all* the
various interfaces and what they can or cannot do. Thanks to everyone
- perhaps in future replies people can also, if they recall, tell
me/us where you got that info. So often it would be nice to know the
source of the info so as to not have to bother the list or other

thanks all of you

Petri Kallberg wrote:
>Here's a bit more details on this matter ...
> The following Sun Ethernet devices support full-duplex (with no flow control)
> -------------------------------------------------------
> hme (FastEthernet 2.0, 10/100 HappyMeal, Colossus-lite, etc.)
> qfe 1.0 (QuadFast x1042A used the hme driver & patches.)
> qfe 2.0 (QuadFast 2.0, 'qfe' 10/100 Quattro, Gumby) X1049A, X1034A
> vge (Vector Gigabit Ethernet 1.0 driver)
> ** see hme patch 104212-09 for 2.5.1. (The original hme came out before
> full-duplex became a standard.) By default the hme card will not negotiate
> FDX, patch 104212 for Solaris 2.5.1 will allow this feature.
> ( ndd -set /dev/hme adv_100fdx_cap 1 )
> The interfaces with NO full-duplex support :
> -------------------------------------------------------
> ie (Intel 10mbps)
> le (Lance 10mbps .. various chip implementations)
> be (old FastEthernet 1.0, first-generation 10/100, replaced by hme)
> qe (SQEC, original 10mbps quad card / replaced by x1042, x1049, x1034)
>Ie. there's no ethernet interfaces with 10Mbs fullduplex operation.
>All full-duplex interfaces are also 100Mbs but not vice-versa (see be).

A historical perspective from Kevin Korb:
>As far as I know the le interface is way older than full duplex ethernet and
>ethernet switches for that matter. It will not support full duplex. It did
>not originally even support 10Base-T!

My Original Post:
>Dear Sun Managers,
>Searching my manuals, sunsolve and the sun-managers page I cannot find
>out how to force 10baseT to full duplex. I cannot even find
>background information so as to know if I am completely off base for
>even wanting such a thing. For hme there is lots of info, listing out
>the parameters, etc. But how do I get the same thing for le?
>ndd /dev/le \?
>gives me an error as the driver was built before le. So what can I
>do? Ideally I would like to first manually set the interface to
>forced full duplex and later incorporate it in the /etc/system file.
>Additionally if there were some deeper information on the various
>parameters, etc. that can be configured for the /dev/le interface,
>that would be greatly appreciated.
>Email me directly and I will post the solution/summary.


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