mini-SUMMARY: disksuite: hotspare for boot disk & automated monitoring of metadevice health?

From: Adam Singer (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 22:01:17 CST

Mini summary:

Not much help with my two DiskSuite questions, if someone sends me
something substantive I will post a real summary.

Gerhard den Hollander monitors his metadevices with a perl script run
from cron that processes a call to metastat.

Dennis Keller suggested SyMon.

Dennis Martens also uses a script and checks /var/adm/messages for the
word RAID. For item #2 he seemed to think I meant multiple disks
where I mean either a multi-partition boot disk or a regular disk that
is part of a mirror/stripe.

thanks to all, anyone else with more info, please feel free to email
me directly. I may repost the question at a later date..



>Dear Sun Managers,
>I have two separate questions about Disksuite that I have been unable
>to find answers for on my own:
>1. How do most admins keep tabs on their metadevices - a metastat
>every hour and checking the State Column or presence of a hot spare
>under the hot spare column? Any auto email facility other than the
>snmp module for disksuite (SUNWmdn)
>2. Is it possible to setup an entire disk as a hotspare in such a way
>that it can be a hotspare for *either* one of the *whole* disks that
>make up a mirror of striped disks (this we currently have) *and* a
>hotspare for the multi-partition boot disk. Many of our servers have
>2 mirrored/striped 2.1GB or 4.2GB boot disks and external SSA's with
>the same kind of disks. So we have setup a hotspare or two for the
>external SSA's such that if a disk dies, the hotspare kicks in.
>For a disk that is just part of a stripe, this is pretty intuitive.
>But is it also possible to make it that if one of the root boot mirror
>disks dies, one of the whole disk hotspares will partition itself to
>be /, /usr, /var, /opt, etc. and thus fill in for the dead mirror. I
>have not been able to get this working as it seems I have to
>pre-format each of the partitions to be there and ready for the boot
>disk and I can't do that as I want to use the hotspare for either the
>boot disk or the SSA disks. Any ideas, what am I missing from the
>Disksuite documentation that would make this feasible?
>Email me dirrectly and I will post a summary.
>thanks in advance,


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