SUMMARY: no /usr

From: Tim Ambrose (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 08:18:25 CST

This is the summary for the /usr partition being renamed:

Thanks to all those who replied:
Wesley W. Garland
Jeff Graham
Jochen Bern
Seth Rothenberg
Daniel Ellis
Sapiro, Vadim
Mark Henderson
Douglas C. Palmer
Kevin P. Inscoe
Dave Wreski
Wolf Schaefer

Hope I did not forget anyone...

Several people mentioned about a console server and a boot server.

I had both, but never thought about booting from the boot server.
I have only ever used it for jumpstarts, and it never occurred to
me to boot off that server (would have saved the drive in!)

Others mentioned about /usr/sbin/static/...

I could have just done /oldusr/sbin/static/mv /mnt /usr and rebooted!
or /oldusr/sbin/static/cp -pr /mnt /usr ...

Some mentioned about the LD_LIBRARY_PATH...I had tried all of that and it
did not work.

I'm sure the above will work for me (if there is ever a next time)!

Also, someone mentioned to compile the GNU version of mkdir (static)
, but the static cp or mv already on the system should do the trick!

BTW: this was Solaris 2.5.1 (forgot to mention it in the first email).

Thanks again GURU's...


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