Summary: GX Graphics Mystery

From: Michael J. Connolly (
Date: Sat Mar 27 1999 - 09:09:24 CST

First, let me apologize for leaving out an important detail: the machine
is (was) running Solaris 2.5.1.
Solutions offered:

Check power management. - As stated in"Update" power mgt. was not installed
or configured.

Go to Radio Shack and get component cooler spray (there's a hop in the
way back machine). Yes, tried it and problem still occurred.

Use Sun VTS do diagnose the problem. Unfortunately I did not have the time
as I was backing up the machine in preparation for an OS (2.6) and application

Solution: I took a GX board out of another machine last night and installed
it before I left work with xlock running. Came in this morning and xlock
(and monitor) still running fine.

Thanks to:

Peter Laws
James Coby
David Evans
Richard Smith
Casper Dik

Original problem:

I put a GX graphics card in an Ultra Enterprise 2. It seemed to work for
a while (months) and then the monitor started to flicker. I changed the
monitor and all seemed well for about a week. Now, after a reboot the monitor
is fine for about 30 minutes and then goes blank with the monitor light
blinking indicating there is no signal to the monitor. If I do another
reboot I get the same results - monitor works for about 30 minutes. SO,
is it the GX card or the motherboard and how can I test it without grabbing
another GX card from another box? This is somewhat urgent as I plan to
install Solaris 2.6 and a whole bunch of apps this weekend and would prefer
to work with a monitor attached. TIA

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