SUMMARY: Dependancys?

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Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 10:24:33 CST

Wow... evidently I am the only admin that doesnt know the
answer to this considering the response:) Thanks all..

Answer: Basically everyone suggested to use 'ldd' <binary name>
        to determine what libraries the program was using
        and copy those over to the other system.

Original Question is at the Bottom..

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Alan Kong
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Richard Smith
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Kevin Sheehan/Uniq
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Michael Hocke
Sascha Schumann
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Damir Delija
Stefan Jon Silverman
James Coby
Johnie Stafford
Russ Poffenberger
Hahn Kyu Chung
Normand Ranger

Original Question:

> Folks,
> I have some C code that I compiled on one box and I need
> to copy the binaries over to another box to run them.
> Unfortunatly the box that it is going to was loaded with
> an end user load of solaris and it doesnt appear to have
> all the necessary shared libraries installed to run the
> program since it doesnt do anything. Is there a command
> in Solaris 2.5.1 that can tell me what libraries.. etc
> a binary file requires to run? Or is there one or two specific
> 2.5.1 packages (sparc) that contain all the libarries that
> are necessary to support compiled/compiling applications?
> I put gcc on the destination machine in the hopes that it
> would provide the support necessary, but gcc couldnt compile
> squat (I guess cause of lack of libraries). How would I
> transform a end user load into a developers load of solaris
> with no down time basically?


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