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Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 20:12:16 CST

Hi managers,
The replies pointed me to run test memory and power down the server
and reboot. That's what I did in the first case, and did not return
any error during test memory, and still give the same problem when I
booted it up again.
I forgot to mention I was booting from an external CDROM drive (target
= 6)which was attached to the narrow scsi controller card(not being
used all the while in that machine). The problem solved when I put in
an internal CDROM drive and proceed with the installation.
Seems like the error message that I got from the screen is misleading.
Many thanks for the following who replied.
Damir Delija
scott r kulp
David B. Harrington

Here's the summarised answer and original post.
Run some tests of the memory at the boot prom level. That's the only
positive message you have.
Power on the cpu while holding down the stop and the 'n' key. hold
down until the green light on the monitor comes on.type setenv
selftest-#megs xx ( xx= the total ammount of memory listed on the
type help diag
type the memory test that is listed. ex test-memory
if you get an error. remove the simm..
reseat all memory.
type boot cdrom -s
format the disk.
now you have a clean start. reboot and start install.
shut down the machine
and the try

boot -r cdrom
original post:
> Hi managers,
> I did a stop-A halfway when installing the Solaris 2.5.1 to a Sparc20.
> The servers is unable to boot cdom and install then.
> When I boot from cdrom,it gives a message saying memory error, and
> sync file system to reboot after configuring the /dev
> I tried to boot from the hyper-terminal then, where it gave the same
> error after selecting the terminal type.
> Any suggestion where I should look at?
> thanks in advance.
> tc
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