SUMMARY: Upgrading a SparcStorage Array Model 100

From: Andrés Cáceres (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 02:45:47 CST

Hi all,

        Thanks to both Ray Trzaska & Mike Youngberg, who explained the
details (I'm afraid they suffered the same problem).

        It seems that fibre Channel modules are not interchangeable.

        I just wonder why did Sun manufacture a 25+25Mb (two-way) disk
array with 6X20MB SCSI buses. Good solution for huge storage, but bad
for fast access.

        Fortunately there's an upgrade/trade-in deal to purchase new
disk arrays, and I guess I can reuse my 24 disks.

>Hi sunmanagers,
> I need to upgrade a SparcStorage Array Model 100: this disk
>array has a 25MB Fiber Channel Optical module, and I know that there
>100MB FC modules now.
> Have you ever done this?
>Thanks in advance,

25MB is FCOM

100MB is FC/AL

They are not compatible.

However, there are special upgrade/trade-in deals from Sun for a limited
time only.
bad news,
the fibre channel modules are NOT interchangeable
the card that the modules fit into are not compatable,
and the protocol used on the fibre is different.

there was talk at one time of having compatablity, but that is

the SOC cards work with the SparcStarage array 100 and 200 series;
the socal = fcal fibre chanel works with the a5000 type systems.

Kind regards,

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