Summary - Core Dump Analysis

From: Bill Armand (
Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 08:03:03 CST

SUN Mgrs

My original post:
> Sun Mgrs
> Does anyone have any recomendations about "How to Analyze Core Dump Files" on Solaris 2.5.1??? And possible some locations of info about same....
> Thanks,
> Bill
Thanks to everyone that responded....

Most suggested that I get a book:

"Panic! UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis"
by C. Drake & K. Brown
SunSoft Press

Since I was working with a programmer, it was suggested that I use "file core" to get the application that caused the core problem. Also "adb core" was suggested to find the application.

The "crash" and "strings" command was suggested to look for processes and other information within the core.

Others suggested I look on the "sunsolve" site which I did. I found several docs there that describe a course of action.

The book helped the most. I purchased "Panic! UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis".

Again, thanks to everyone that responded. My programmer has fixed his code and is a happy camper again.


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