Summary update: date, rdate and xntp...

From: Brett Sondrup (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 13:19:03 CST


Thanks to everyone that has responded to not only my initial query, but
also to my initial summary with suggestions and comments. Your help and
understanding have been very encouraging.

There is a progression of complexity leading to a simple reliable solution
for all time and date related synchronization of systems. Essentially, for
the issue that prompted the question in the first place, rdate was the

Now, I'm investigating using xntp to synch one of our servers to an atomic
clock, and then from that server synch the rest of the systems. This
should, if nothing else, clean up some of the log files related to the
nightly backups' notifications of system time discrepancies.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded,

Brett Sondrup
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