SUMMARY II:partition in partition

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Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 02:58:44 CST

Hi again,

Many thanks to :

Alex Goodson,
Olivier GIRAUD,
Jonathan Goldthorp,
Steve Elliott,
Alan Reichert

plus the second group;

Seth Rothenberg
Michael Cunningham
D. Stewart McLeod
Wolf Schaefer
Howard Boggs
Jonathan Loh

My original question was :

How can I resize a partition . My /usr is too large and I
want to reduce the size of this partition and create a new partition with
the excess I generate.

Seth offered to use Veritas Volume Manager

Jonathan offered the following:

What you can do is create another partition and mount it inside a
filesystem used by another partition. IE
/usr is on one disk partition and /usr/local is on another disk partition.
What you would do if you had a /usr/local already is:
1. Tell all users to stop using any files in /usr/local. If databases
this stop the DB's.
2. do an fuser -c /usr/local. This will tell you any processes still
using /usr/local.
3. kill the offending processes.
4. mount the new filesystem on /mnt
5. copy all files from /usr/local to /mnt. I use 'cd /usr/local;find .
-print|cpio -pdm /mnt'
6. verify /mnt is the same as /usr/local. use diffs or something like
7. remove /usr/local.
8. mkdir /usr/local <-- this is your mount point
9. edit the /etc/vfstab file.
10. mount /usr/local.
If you do not have a /usr/local
1. mkdir /usr/local
2. edit /etc/vfstab
3. mount /usr/local.

Olivier offered:
If you do not use a volume manager ( disksuite or VM ) the only solution
to backup your /usr, boot from net or cdrom reduce the usr partition,
restore the /usr and reboot your machine.

Olivier Giraud / DEVL SysAdmin (GDA)

Alex offered:
Basically you need to backup the data from /usr and then boot single user
from a Solaris CD. Use format to repartition your disk (resize /usr, you
will probably also need to resize the partition next to it in order to
use of the new free space). Then fsck and mount the new /usr partition
/a and recover the data into /usr. Unmount /a/usr and reboot your machine.

hope this helps


Others offered basically similar things.

Mehmet Mirat Satoglu

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