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Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 08:44:29 CST

Okay. I was able to get a new chip, plug it in,
and I got the address and host ID programmed.
All looked well on re-boot. However, the problem
now is the disk drive. I can't seem to get any
drive to work in the system. I booted the Solaris
2.5 CD, canceled the install, got to the command
prompt and formatted/partitioned the first drive.
Seemed to work okay, until I restarted the install.
 Then I got all sorts of errors about timeouts,
retrys, failures, bad sectors etc. This happened
with three different drives. Do I have a bad
SCSI controller? Or is there something I'm
missing when I replaced the IDPROM chip?

Many thanks for your help.

Many thanks for the very quick reply. Saved me
from wasting a lot of time. The problem is of
course the NVRAM battery has died. I need to
get a new chip. Petri Kallberg was the first one
to respond with the very good pointer to,
which had the info I needed. Thanks also to
Bismark Espinoza and Stephen Wolthusen.

Original question follows:

Hello Sunners:

During a big inventory search here I discovered
a Sparc II, that had been stuck back on a shelf
in a trailer, for probably several years. I have
need of a Sparc II, so I pulled it out and plugged
it in. However, I get the immediate message that
IDProm contents are invalid.

The ROM Rev is 2.2, and it has 32M of memory
in it. It seems to be trying to boot off the

Is there something I can do to fix this thing?? Or
does it need factory work?

Thanks Much.

Bob White
Bechtel Nevada

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